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Online Education
Personal Attention
No Crowded Classrooms

From the Chancellor
Dr. Paul Collins

There is a better, less expensive way to become better educated with less interference in your daily routine. The method is Online Studies and Acts Ministry University (AMU) has the expertise to serve students with the highest quality instruction. Our faculty is firmly established spiritually, academically, and experientially.

I invite you to inquire about becoming a student in Acts Ministry University

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Offering Options for
a Better Life

Acts Ministry University is designed to offer educational options that will enrich and enhance life in the midst of an increasingly secular society. We will always be biblically positioned and adhere to historic Christian perspectives. This is education beyond education! Acts Ministry University is committed to equipping Christians to succeed and thrive! Everyone connected with AMU is aware that there is a great need for academic opportunities; opportunities for success that go beyond the usual curricula, respecting good scholarship, and maintaining a definitive Christian insight into the workings of 21st Century society in America and around the world.

The faculty of AMU is comprised of proven educators who are godly men and women. They have been tested. They understand the challenges of being Christian in a secular society. Their personal success in academia is beyond challenge. Every course offered will always be taught by a Christian with the necessary credentials to provide the student with a Bible-based, Spirit-led, practical educational experience.

Because AMU will always be personal in spite of being an online school, the student (or potential student) will be able to talk with faculty and staff by telephone. Also, meetings can be arranged in the headquarters city of Springfield, MO.

Acts Ministry University is an educational opportunity provided by Acts Ministry, a trans-denominational, trans-doctrinal, international fellowship of Christians.

Online training is better than simple correspondence courses because of the opportunities for interaction with the instructor and other students.  Additionally so many resources are available on the Internet at the click of a mouse that study is more productive and less time consuming.

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